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    Summer holiday

    Hey :) I'm back since a month didn't update any story about me. Well, yeah it's summer holiday for school student. Erkk, I guess so this holiday were fun. I guess so.. Oh whatever. As all Sarawakian know, on 1th June were Dayak day or Gawai Day. It's mean for a new year for all Dayak. I'm Dayak and I did celebrated the gawai day. As you know, it's FUN. Once in a year together with all relatives even half of them didn't back to longhouse. I'm back to my mom's longhouse at Bakas,Sibuti Bekenu Tuai Rumah Empading. Not to far from Miri. Only take 1 and a half hour :) Yeah. It's fun to visited grandpa and uncle even without grandma. Only a picture can make my heart better. 2 weeks holiday and I eat much. Huahuahua. Who care? Girl love food. Right? Yeah. Tehewhewhew. Oh just forget it. It's 2 days more for me to rest my mind. Fewww =.= Time run so fast and I really miss the past time. Haiyoo. Feel like I want more holiday. So that I can be a snake. Eat and sleep hobby :) Oh, I guess until this only I can story. I must got to go before my mom yell like a ghost. Kbyee :)

    With love,

    Anne. J