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    100th days with you :)

    Holla. Long time didn't update my public diary. *sigh* Well, my whore exam just ended with happy feeling. Thank God :) Hihi. Oh ya, let continue to the main title. Today is the hundred day in relationship with Charles Ajang. Guess what he did last night? He came to my house and standing outside my house. Called me and he said he standing in front my house. And I'm nervous. Much nervous! I'm afraid that my dad caught he try to meet me at late night. Hahaha. Then what did I do just standing 100 meter far away from him, and talked on the phone with him. He get sulk when I didn't make an effort to hug him. I try too, but I can't. I must respect my family. So that nothing worst happen. Then he understand me and thank God because I got the gentleman boyfriend. No one did this to me before. Seriously! And he's the first one. Came just to said he miss me a lots. Damn good! He's my truly bitch everrrrrr <3 because="because" break.="break." did="did" heart="heart" i="i" make="make" me.="me." p="p" promise="promise" sangat-sangat.="sangat-sangat." sayang="sayang" t="t" terharu="terharu" thank="thank" this="this" to="to" won="won" you="you" your="your">