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    I sacrifice everything to look better :)

    Hello. Today nak menjiwangkan diri and share my love story to all of you. Peace yaww. I'm still in relationship with Charles Ajang :) 5 month already being stick together and many things have we face together. We laugh together, we cry together, we argue together, we patient together, we teach each other and so on. But you have hurt me for two time. You've caught by me cheat on me. But I try to be patient on you. I pray and try to calm down and find way to solve all this thing. I ask why you did this to me. And you answer me because you want I feel what did you felt when a girl have hurt you before. I'm sorry, I'm not your past. I'm your future. No use to cheat on me because I'm not like your ex. I'm giving all my love to you. I sacrifice myself to see you happy being appreciate a girl like me. Even though you have hurt me, I still loyal with you. I didn't leave you in the moment. It's your fault but I'm the one rushing to find the way to solve this problem quickly. I ask you to change and so whatever. This is because I don't want you to regret someday later when I'm HAPPY WITH ANOTHER LIFE. Might be aite? I want you to realize right now when I'm still in love with you. You should to appreciate me because I never cheat on you and never give up on us. I'm doing worth on us just for our happiness. You should to think it sayang. Hmpp. I love you and that why I sacrifice everything. And you promise to me to change. But one more you hurt me, I swear I leave you.

    100th days with you :)

    Holla. Long time didn't update my public diary. *sigh* Well, my whore exam just ended with happy feeling. Thank God :) Hihi. Oh ya, let continue to the main title. Today is the hundred day in relationship with Charles Ajang. Guess what he did last night? He came to my house and standing outside my house. Called me and he said he standing in front my house. And I'm nervous. Much nervous! I'm afraid that my dad caught he try to meet me at late night. Hahaha. Then what did I do just standing 100 meter far away from him, and talked on the phone with him. He get sulk when I didn't make an effort to hug him. I try too, but I can't. I must respect my family. So that nothing worst happen. Then he understand me and thank God because I got the gentleman boyfriend. No one did this to me before. Seriously! And he's the first one. Came just to said he miss me a lots. Damn good! He's my truly bitch everrrrrr <3 because="because" break.="break." did="did" heart="heart" i="i" make="make" me.="me." p="p" promise="promise" sangat-sangat.="sangat-sangat." sayang="sayang" t="t" terharu="terharu" thank="thank" this="this" to="to" won="won" you="you" your="your">

    Summer holiday

    Hey :) I'm back since a month didn't update any story about me. Well, yeah it's summer holiday for school student. Erkk, I guess so this holiday were fun. I guess so.. Oh whatever. As all Sarawakian know, on 1th June were Dayak day or Gawai Day. It's mean for a new year for all Dayak. I'm Dayak and I did celebrated the gawai day. As you know, it's FUN. Once in a year together with all relatives even half of them didn't back to longhouse. I'm back to my mom's longhouse at Bakas,Sibuti Bekenu Tuai Rumah Empading. Not to far from Miri. Only take 1 and a half hour :) Yeah. It's fun to visited grandpa and uncle even without grandma. Only a picture can make my heart better. 2 weeks holiday and I eat much. Huahuahua. Who care? Girl love food. Right? Yeah. Tehewhewhew. Oh just forget it. It's 2 days more for me to rest my mind. Fewww =.= Time run so fast and I really miss the past time. Haiyoo. Feel like I want more holiday. So that I can be a snake. Eat and sleep hobby :) Oh, I guess until this only I can story. I must got to go before my mom yell like a ghost. Kbyee :)

    With love,

    Anne. J